Shredded in 90 is a science-backed experience designed to blast fat (you can get down to single-digit body fat if you so please), supercharge your self-confidence (strangers will be checking you out), and leave you looking the part of the jacked, muscle-bound men you currently envy. Equally strong, jacked, lean, and shredded, this is the playbook to the perfect male body.






"I first started training with Joe Dowdell in 2003 when I was preparing to shoot Phantom of the Opera. Since then we've worked together whenever I'm in New York. His knowledge and passion for training is second to none.  He will get you to where you want to be and you'll have fun getting there. I would highly recommend him to anyone."


50 Cent

Rapper & Actor

"Joe is one of the top trainers in the country, and his gym, Peak Performance in New York City, has been ranked among America’s ten best gyms by Men’s Health magazine."


Jimmy Fallon

TV Host

"Joe keeps me in great shape, so much so that, at the gym, people sometimes confuse me for Hilary Swank.”


Roy Hibbert

Basketball Player, NBA All-Star, Denver Nuggets

"The summer of 2011 was huge for me and it was spent in NYC. Luckily, I found a great trainer in Joe. The short time we spent working together was invaluable. Joe’s program, assistance and friendship helped propel me into an All Star season. Joe definitely is one of the top three strength coaches I have ever worked with. I would definitely recommend him if you want to reach your Peak potential."


Mario Lopez

TV Host

"Joe, you’re like a symphony conductor with exercises."


Richard Armitage


“I was privileged to work with Joe and his team at Peak Performance whilst training for "The Hobbit" over a 2 year period. I continued that work for "Hannibal" which required different criteria and have maintained a training regime with Joe, even when I am on a different continent! Joe is great at tailoring the training for specific goals, which are both realistic and achievable. In addition, he has great colleagues who collaborate in the field Nutrition and Physiotherapy. Aside from this he's a great guy and a pleasure to work with.”


Chris Botti


“Life on the road as a musician can be pretty grueling. Fortunately, for me, I found Peak Performance and my trainer, Joe Dowdell. Under his guidance and their care, Peak Performance has become the perfect antidote to my hectic lifestyle and I always look forward to returning to NY and my workouts. Oh, and by the way, I have to disagree with Claire, the chocolate-peanut butter protein shakes—kick #*%!!!”


John Leguizamo


"I have had the pleasure to train at Peak Performance Sports & Fitness Center. During this time, I have worked with Joe Dowdell to prepare myself for several feature films. Joe has taught me a great deal about the importance of proper exercise technique and in the process has helped transform my physique. I felt so comfortable and confident in his abilities as a trainer that I even sent my mother to train with him”


Eugenia Silva

Model, Next Model Management

"I really wasn't into training when I first heard about Joe. My friend, Ines Rivero, was working out with him and she convinced me to try him out. I'm a very lazy person and it takes me forever to get myself into the right mood to train. I always seem to find something more important or urgent to do. Now, everything is different! I go to Peak Performance and see Joe 2 or 3 times a week—and I feel great. It's not just about the shape of my body, but it’s also the way it makes me feel. I can now say that I am a stronger and more disciplined person as a result of training. What I like most about training with Joe is the way he trains me. He is calm and quiet. He explains to me exactly how and why we are performing each exercise. Also, what is important for me is that as I travel a lot and it is quite difficult for me to stay in a routine, but he manages to keep me going.”


Eduardo “Telles” Moreira

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, World Master’s Champion, World Champion No-Gi (2013), 3x World Bronze Medalist

“Joe is one of the best trainers I’ve ever had!!! PERFECT! Obrigado Joe.”


Gabriel Miglioli

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Bellator MMA

“I live in Brazil, but I was recently in New York for six weeks to train and coach. During that time, I had the privilege to train with Joe Dowdell at his gym, Peak Performance. The training was amazing—very intense and extremely motivating. I was exposed to many different training techniques and methods that I had never used before. I will be returning to NYC in January 2011, in order to prepare for my next MMA fight. I am really looking forward to having his guidance through an entire training camp. I know it’s going to give me a tremendous advantage in my next fight.”


Sergio Da Silva

MMA Fighter, CFFC

"I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Dowdell 2 years ago after my coach Vitor Shaolin introduced me to him at the Peak facility. At the time, I was an amateur MMA Fighter and BJJ competitor. I knew I needed to add a few things to my arsenal in order to make it to the pros. One of the biggest and best additions was working with Joe and his amazing staff at Peak Performance NYC. The first year Joe helped me get 3rd place in the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu federation World championship. Joe has not only turned me into a better athlete but is also a great friend who is always truly concerned with the well-being of all his clients. I always feel at home when I’m at peak. Looking forward to reaching my peak with Joe and becoming a world Champion in MMA. Thanks you Joe and all the staff."



Just Imagine ......

Imagine yourself with a rock-hard body featuring a solid 6-pack, sleeve-busting arms, sculpted shoulders, and a chiseled chest. The eye-catching, muscular body we’re talking about is what I call “shredded.” It’s that strong, lean, and athletic look that women go crazy for and other men can’t help but notice. And thanks to Shredded in 90, the perfect body is no longer reserved just for elite athletes, movie stars, and fitness models.

The Ultimate Transformation!

Whether your results have plateaued, your workouts have gone stale, or you’re simply not seeing the changes in the mirror that you desire, my Perfect Body Playbook For Men is guaranteed to transform you from an average Joe to a muscular machine. Get ready to love what you see in the mirror, be the envy of all your friends, and leave your significant other in awe.



Rippling muscles

People will call you things like, “Jacked,” “Ripped,” “Cut,” & “Shredded.”

Washboard abs

Want a chiseled core? You’ll see a 6-pack every time you look down.

Sleeve-busting arms

Horseshoe triceps and bulging biceps guaranteed.

Minimal body fat

Belly fat, man boobs, and love handles will be things of the past.

Killer confidence

When you go from average to Adonis, your confidence skyrockets.

Incredible energy

Looking great and feeling great go hand in hand.

Optimal performance

You will perform better everywhere, from the gym to the office.

The lean, athletic look

You’re not going to be a beefy bodybuilder or a rail-thin runner.

Let's Get Started

Everything you need in one package!



The Shredded in 90
Lean Muscle Program

A general overview of the playbook for creating the perfect male body. The program is split into (3) 4-Week Phases of total-body strength and conditioning workouts to get you shredded.


The Shredded in 90
Calorie Calculator & Nutrition Plan

Find out exactly what to eat to blast fat & build muscle. Includes the exact calorie and macronutrient breakdowns for each of the program’s 3 phases & teaches your body to blast fat for energy.


Shredded in 90
Fat-Blasting Recipes

Learn how to create delicious, man-approved muscle-building meals without top-chef skills.

nutrition book

Meal Replacement Options

Eating for lean muscle isn’t easy. Learn how to supercharge your shakes and eat (or drink) muscle-building meals on the go.

program handbook

Program Design

Most programs are rooted in very little science and too much anecdotal evidence. In this guide, I cover some basic but important training information and also reveal the foundations of my proven training methodology so you can confidently jump in and start getting results. 


Exercise Videos
& Descriptions.

These exclusive videos and descriptions are designed to help you master all of the prescribed movements. And with easy access from your phone, they’re there for you whenever and wherever you need them.


Alternate Exercise

To make sure the workouts are flexible enough to accommodate your needs, I’ve included alternative exercise options for many of the movements. So, if need be, you can make adjustments to the workouts for whatever reason.


Budget-Friendly Deluxe Home
Gym Equipment Packages

 If you’d rather train at home, a home gym doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. For your convenience, I’ve put together several cost-effective Deluxe Home Gym Equipment Packages on my website which are available at an additional cost.


Mobile Training App

Get your workouts on the go, access all of the exercise videos with detailed descriptions, log your workout results straight into your phone, and keep track of your progress. Everything you need for your transformation is literally in your hip pocket so there’s no need to print hundreds of pages or keep your computer handy.


Exclusive Access to a Special Members’ Area

You’ll get instant access to the members' area on my website where you will find helpful fitness and nutrition calculators, a frequently asked questions section as well as tons of delicious recipes.


Transformation Tracking Charts

Supercharge your results by tracking your meals, body weight, circumference measurements, and progress photos directly inside my App.

Still Not Sure?

Take our 60 second quiz and let us show you which fitness program is best for you and your goals.

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