"Joe's online programming he created for me was incredibly detailed and exactly what I needed.  The questions he asked provided the detail needed for him to provide a personalized program meeting my exact needs using the exact equipment I had to offer the training I needed. I can't recommend him and his services enough - he not only walks the walk, but talks the talk and has been in the trenches for decades now.  His experience and knowledge are second to none." 

Chris Mohr
PhD, RD,

Online Program

“Joe Dowdell has been my go-to person for my personal training and the training of my nutrition clients for almost a decade. He has an incredible ability to deliver programs that deliver results regardless of your environment, space, or equipment restrictions. When I wanted to deadlift 500lbs - Joe wrote the program; I added 80lbs to my deadlift and pulled 500lbs. When I needed a training program for a client that only worked out in hotel gyms - Joe wrote the program and my client continued to lose weight in spite of a crazy travel schedule. I can't recommend Joe and his program design expertise enough. He is a true master of his craft.”

Mike Roussell
PhD, Scientific Advisory Board – Men’s Health Magazine

Training & Nutrition

“The 8 Weeks to Creating a Solid Foundation for a Better You Program is a great program for people that are new to strength training. I love how the app is so easy to use and shows exactly what you need to do. Dowdell Fitness Systems provides a video for each movement, so you know exactly how to perform each, which is maybe my favorite feature. 

The program totally meets you where you are at, you can tailor the dumbbell weights to what you are comfortable with and then increase it as you get stronger. Each exercise has very detailed description of what muscles you are working and always provides ways to make it either easier or harder, again meeting your exact needs. The program is progressive, so you do one set of exercises for 4 weeks and then it rolls into new ones for the last 4. This provides a great challenge, makes it fun, and you don't really have time to get bored. You feel you about have mastered it and then you are presented with new things to do.

I highly recommend this! I was totally new to real strength training and I have seen amazing progress over the 8 weeks. I look forward to starting my next program with Dowdell Fitness Systems. Joe Dowdell has built some amazing programs and is always willing to offer advice and encouragement.”

Anne Sullivan

8 Week Solid Foundation for a Better

“The DFS plans are “simple”, highly effective and very straightforward. Having access to programs from an elite coach, with an easy to use app and quick responses for support make progress and success very easy. I did the 12 Week Advanced Hypertrophy Program for Men and not only did I add muscle especially in my shoulders and back but my body composition improved significantly and I felt great while doing it.”

Matt Kasee

12 Week Advanced Hypertrophy For Men

“I was first introduced to Joe and his Peak team about 5 years ago. I would have loved to have had the time to train onsite at Peak but being in the corporate world and trying to juggle family, commuting and sleep it just didn’t fit. Often times, people don’t understand the benefits you get from working out in a gym are not only cosmetic but can also have an equal impact in your professional career. As a result, when Joe launched his app in Mid-January, I was an early adopter and enrolled in the 16 Week Advanced Body Comp Program. Simply put, the program was awesome; it provided great results and Joe was a great coach and incredibly responsive. In order to be successful in business, it requires you to have a great, executable plan. Joe did just that with his App.”

Anthony DelGrosso

16 Week Advanced Body Comp Program

“I was fortunate to come across Joe Dowdell and his program just in time for the 28 Day Challenge.  I had been living my life with some bad habits of not sleeping enough, not exercising enough and not eating the right things to support my health.  I had tried a few other programs in the past, but very quickly burnt out on some rather unrealistic schedules and felt I would injure myself continuing with them.  Joe’s program was different.  I very much enjoyed the movement preparation to get my muscles ready to work.  I was challenged, but also didn’t feel like I was going to hurt myself.  Best of all, enough recovery time was built into the program that I was actually able to stick with it.   

With Joe’s guidance, I worked on improving my sleep and eating habits.  Using the calculators on the site, I found that I had not been eating enough, and specifically, enough protein.  I have been making some changes to my diet gradually, and I feel like my energy levels have improved.  I was actually surprised by how much weight I was able to lift, and the increases in my strength were really motivating.

My goals for the 28 days were to lose fat/weight, but most of all to get consistent with caring for my body and health.  My posture has improved and I am sleeping better.  I was surprised by the end of the 28 days to find I had lost 2” off my waist!  I didn’t think my body would make a change like that in that short amount of time.   Thank you so much, Joe.  You’ve been so encouraging and really helped with those mental hurdles of making these changes to my lifestyle.  I’m looking forward to starting my next program which is the 12 Week Beginner In-Home Program for Women and continuing with these skills you’ve helped me learn.”

Christine Snoke

28 Day Challenge

“Having spent the last 14 years training in New York, I have always heard great things about Joe Dowdell and his former gym, Peak Performance, but it wasn’t until recently that I was able to try out one of his programs. I am very impressed with the results I got with the program, especially in terms of body composition and conditioning, while also really enjoying some of the funnest workouts I've done in a while.”

Francisco Rojas

Online Program


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