8 Weeks to Creating a Solid Foundation for a Better You Program – Home Gym


This program is delivered via my Dowdell Fitness Systems Coaching App available for iOS and Android. You will benefit from having more detail and most of all be able to access in app features.

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This 8-Week Foundation program is for any guy with less than one year of consistent strength training experience (i.e., 2-3 times per week) and who will be training at home. The main goal of the program is to instill proper training and nutritional habits, but it will also ensure you can progress to some of my other programs in the future.

Inside the App, there is a Coaching section where you will find the following: Program Design Handbook, Nutrition Essentials Guide and a sample 7-Day Meal Plan for each 4-week phase based on your caloric needs. In the Programs section, you will find the workouts themselves (see below for details) which not only include all of the program details, but also short video clips of all of the movements, detailed exercise descriptions, coaching tips and a couple of PDFs with Alternative Exercise Options in case you need to make some slight changes.


As for the training program itself, it is split into two, 4-week training phases in the following manner:



  • Strength Training Workouts
  • There is one total body strength training workout for each phase (i.e., Phase 1 & 2) and it should be performed three times per week on non-consecutive days (i.e., M, W, and F).
  • Note: The strength training workout will change for each phase.
  • The workouts should take under an hour, which includes the dynamic warm-up (i.e., Movement Preparation) and the optional, post-workout static stretching.


  • Energy Systems Development Workouts
  • The conditioning workouts should be performed two times per week on the days in between the strength training workouts during Phase 1 and three times per week on the non-strength training days during Phase 2.
  • In Phase 1, there will be three days per week of low intensity, steady-state work in order to build your Aerobic Capacity.
  • In Phase 2, there will be two days per week of medium-intensity intervals in order to develop some Aerobic Power and one day per week of lower intensity, steady-state work in order to maintain your Aerobic Capacity.
  • The sessions will vary in duration from 26-56 minutes, depending on your current fitness level, the type of workout being performed and which week of the program you are in.

Please note, the program itself requires a Deluxe Home Gym setup so prior to purchasing the program, For your convenience, I have made an arrangement with a company called Power Systems and all of the products that you will need can be found on my website under the Deluxe Home Gym section.


After purchasing the Program, you will be redirected to a “Log In ” page. Then after you sign up for my App, you will receive an e-mail with further instruction on how to download either the iOS or Android versions of the App onto your tablet or smartphone.

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