Suspension Trainer – Jungle Gym XT


The Jungle Gym XT comes with two eight foot, industrial-strength suspension straps with integrated handles that are easy to grip with either hands or feet, depending on the exercises being performed. Easily change the width of the system to target different muscle areas. Use the system in a traditional V-shaped configuration or use a vertical orientation that resembles the Olympic ring equipment popular in functional and cross training. The Easy-In Foot Cradles make transitioning between different types of exercises easy. For use in buildings with tall ceiling beams, Jungle Gym XT Strap Extenders (sold separately) will add eight feet of length to each side of your system. Attach to mounted anchor points or any sturdy rack system. Portable and great for travel or small facilities. Indoor/Outdoor. 1lb. 8′ L. Accessories sold separately

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Commercial-grade construction and materials

Use in traditional V-configuration, or attach each strap separately

  • Two integrated easy-wipe handles with Easy-In-Foot Cradles™
  • Two carbon-fiber cam buckles for inline adjustments
  • Two non-scuff door anchors with two strap-end adjusters
  • A Duo-Link attachment to combine the two straps to transform it into a single unit
  • Wall poster
  • Portable and easy to set up and use
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