Jump Rope – Speed Rope

Durable black vinyl rope built for speed, agility and cardio training. Color coded, molded PVC handles allow for a comfortable and solid grip. Five lengths to accommodate any user. See the specifications below to determine the best jump rope based on your height. Racks available.

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  • Durable vinyl rope
  • Molded PVC handles
  • Lengths color coded by handles
  • 5 different lengths

Jump Rope Length Recommendations:

  • 6′ – user height 3’11” and under
  • 7′ – user height 4′ to 4’8″
  • 8′ – user height 4’9″ to 5’5″
  • 9′ – user height 5’6″ to 6″
  • 10′ – user height 6’1″ to 6’6″

How to determine the correct length of a Power Systems Speed Rope for you:

  • Step with one foot into the middle of the rope
  • Bring your hands up towards your chest
  • Place your hands underneath your armpits (the rope should be semi-taut)
  • The length of the rope measured from one hand to the other is the recommended rope length for your height
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