Dumbbells For Women – Premium-Neoprene-Dumbbell Black ( 5-15 lbs )

VERSATILE AND EFFECTIVE – Maximize workouts with an exciting, mobile, low-cost option for strength training with NO SET UP. Choose the full family of neoprene dumbbells or select specific poundage from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 15 for just the right weight for every exercise and level of training. Increase and decrease weight, repetition, and use with compounded movements for a complete workout.

COMPACT – Strength training, improved bone density, and better fitness results in a small package. Designed to enhance ANY fitness class, activity, or routine in a slim package that features cast iron encased in thick, textured neoprene. Sized to fit conveniently in gyms, clubs, studios, group fitness, mobile camps and classes, as well as home gyms and on-the-go uses.
NEOPRENE, NON-SLIP GRIP – Neoprene is a time-tested material that resists degrading and does DOUBLE-DUTY as a coating. Presented in versatile black with weight visible on each dumbbell end for easy access, the reinforced coating ensures a non-slip grip with every use while protecting against calluses.
NO ROLLING – Designed with a slightly SQUARED shape to prevent dumbbell from rolling while the neoprene coating absorbs impact and protects floors if dropped. Never chase dumbbells, ensure safety, and protect floors within a fitness space.

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  • 1-lb to 15-lb
  • Sold individually – not pairs to purchase in quantities as needed
  • 9″ diam
  • Black, textured neoprene

** Recommended weight range for dumbbells depending on your current strength level.

Please Note: If you would rather have a lot more flexibility with your dumbbell selection, I would suggest purchasing the Power Blocks Dumbbells as they will give you a full set of adjustable dumbbells from 3 to 75 lbs. (depending on the set) and they only take up a foot of floor space. These can be found in the Optional Equipment Upgrades.

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