Dumbbells For Men – Rubber-Octagonal Dumbbell (10-50 lbs)

The heads of the cast metal dumbbells are encased in thick rubber to prevent damage to the weights, floors and other equipment in the exercise facility. Octagonal head design keeps them from rolling away. Ergonomic, knurled handles provide a comfortable, stable grip. Durable construction that is ideal in frequent-use settings. Twenty-seven weights available, from 3 to 100 lbs.

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  • Sold individually in weights of 3 to 100 pounds – NOT SOLD IN PAIRS
  • Solid steel knurled ergonomic handle with zinc coating for improved grip, comfort and durability
  • Raised numbers make each dumbbell easy to identify by weight
  • Octagonal head design prevents the dumbbell from rolling away so they stay within easy reach

** Recommended weight range for dumbbells depending on your current strength level.

Please Note: If you would rather have a lot more flexibility with your dumbbell selection, I would suggest purchasing the Power Blocks Dumbbells as they will give you a full set of adjustable dumbbells from 3 to 75 lbs. (depending on the set) and they only take up a foot of floor space. These can be found in the Optional Equipment Upgrades.

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