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Peak Fitness Summit

Peak Diet & Training Design Home Study Course

The Peak Diet & Training Design Home Study Course is a comprehensive nutrition and training educational program for beginner and advanced trainers looking to sharpen their program design skills, add new diet and supplementation strategies to their nutrition toolbox, or skip the diet and training design learning curve to take advantage of proven templates for effectives periodization, energy systems training, fat loss diet, nutrition hypertrophy plans, and supplementation protocols to fit nearly any client goal.

The Peak Diet & Training Design Home Study Course contains 2 training manuals, 1 nutrition manual, and 15 DVDs.

DVD #1: Before the First Rep – Client Goals and Assessments
DVD #2 (Double Disc): Periodization – Properly Planning the Long and Short Term Aspects of a Training Program
DVD #3 (Double Disc): Structuring the Training Session – Properly Sequencing the Training
DVD #4 (Double Disc): Training the Different Strength Qualities – What They Do and How to Program Them
DVD #5 Acute Training Variables – How to micro-manipulate these variables for achieving the desired outcome.
DVD #6: 6 Pillars of Nutrition – Setting the Nutrition Foundation
DVD #7 (Double Disc): Stages of Nutrition – Meeting Your Client Where They Are Nutritionally for Guaranteed Success
DVD#8: Supplement Pyramid – Strategic Supplementation for Maximum Results
DVD#9: Fat Loss Nutrition – Dietary Adjustments for Continual Weight Loss
DVD#10: Eating for Size & Strength – How to Get Your Client to Eat More of the Right Calories for Maximum Growth
DVD#11: Workout Nutrition – Harness the Power of Nutrient Timing

This course has also been recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine for its quality and academic rigor as both organizations have awarded continuing education credits for mastery of the information provided (2.0 CEUs from NSCA and 1.8 CEUs from the NASM).

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2.0 NSCA CEU’s and/or 1.9 NASM CEU’s

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Ultimate You

When Hollywood’s brightest stars need to shape up, they turn to world-renowned trainer Joe Dowdell for his innovative workouts. Now, he teams up with naturopathic doctor Brooke Kalanick to create this one-of-a-kind plan that will help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted. Ultimate You is not a weight-loss plan. It is a fat-loss plan with the revolutionary concept of metabolic disturbance at its core. Metabolic disturbance revs up fat burning hormones during your workout and creates a post-workout “afterburn” that torches calories for hours after you leave the gym.

Learn how to easily and naturally manipulate hormones that affect fat gain and fat loss with a diet that emphasizes real, whole foods—plus dozens of meal ideas and recipes. With a 4-phase plan that maximizes weight loss, you won’t have to log excessive time in the gym. You’ll be exercising smarter. Ultimate You is your health and fitness bible: a powerful plan for exercising and eating that will result in an amazing body and optimum health.

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COMING SOON: Modified Strongman Training for Fat Loss & Performance (Home Study Course)

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For many years we have all seen strongman competitions where men have displayed amazing feats of strength under the most grueling of conditions. In recent years, many of these training techniques used by these athletes have become increasingly popular as they transfer very well into many sports as well as everyday life. For these reasons, the Modified Strong Man Training for Fat Loss & Performance home study course was made. This course will help you implement Modified Strongman Training into your training programs in a manner that will help elevate the performance of your clients and athletes. You will learn about the full benefits of this style of training, from transferable strength for combat athletes to its incredible effects on improving body compositional changes in your everyday clients.

In this video, Joe breaks down program design including training phases, strength qualities as well as the tools used in modified strongman training, such as sleds, prowlers, slosh pipes, and log bars among others. Joe makes modified strongman training simple so that you can take what you learn and incorporate the system immediately into your programs and make positive changes in your athletes/clients performance. Also included in this DVD is the Application chapter that brings the whole presentation to life. The Application chapter takes you through an actual program designed by Joe for a large group. This DVD is informative, fun, motivating and most of all, will add another tool to your training tool box.

Course = .2 NSCA CEU’s

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