How Can I Get Rid Of My Muffin Top?

Without sounding like a broken record, there is no magic bullet for men or women when it comes to achieving a lean, healthy body. The scientific literature and my experience shows that a combination of total body resistance training, high intensity interval training, proper nutritional intake and sound recovery strategies (which in my book, “Ultimate You,” we’ve dedicated an entire chapter to) are the keys to long term success.

Forget all the fads and gimmicks; they don’t work in the long run. In fact, a lot of them actually do more long-term damage to your body, both metabolically and structurally, than benefit it.

Beyond this, there are a couple of issues that can cause the dreaded muffin top. One of them is poor posture. As a result of being part of a society that sits in front of computers for eight to ten hours a day, our hip flexors and sometimes the rectus femoris (i.e. a quad muscle that crosses both the hip and knee joints) can become tight.

The result is anterior pelvic tilt with a corresponding increase in lumbar lorsdosis (i.e. increased arch), which often leads to a more pronounced lower abdomen. In addition, from sitting for all of these hours, our glutes are often not engaged as effectively as they should be and therefore lose their tone, which can lead to a bit of a pancake butt as well. So, we will address this issue too.

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